Who We Are

We are a project management and leadership consultancy delivering value to our clients by clearly defining their desired outcomes rather than trading time for money.

Who we are: experienced business professionals teamed up with decorated, international professional sportspeople who are experts in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. Our goals are to help you build your own high-performing team… and win. We customise training to your specific needs through single or multi-day workshops, motivational speaking and strategic advising.

What we do: We offer practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems based on lessons learned on the field in high-pressure situations presenting numerous leadership challenges. We don’t teach theory learned in the classroom. We offer a unique, personalised service designed to get your team executing at the highest level possible. 

About The Blog

This website is a blog for project management professional. It’s published by Crabtree Management Ltd, a consultancy firm that provides specialist project management and marketing services to business predominately within the UK nuclear industry.

The Blog has been started to go public with my views on project management, dispel a number of misnomers surrounding the nuclear industry and to provide help, practical advice and usable templates where ever I can. 

The views expressed on this site are mine only, and don’t represent those of any employer or client past or present with whom I have worked.


Agile reporting for your projects

Before exploring the specific agile reporting methods, it’s important to return to the fundamental principles and understand our need for project status reporting. All Project Managers need to ensure that all stakeholders have the visibility of a projects status at any moment in time. In traditional project management, we often spend a significant amount of …

Plans vs reality and your expectations

I am always being told “ah there’s been a load of problems going on” or “I’ve been having to deal with a lot of issues” or “we’ve had to do X because Y has gone wrong”. You know what this really winds me up.

About Me

I’m a career project and programme manager with over a decade of experience in the nuclear sector. Prior to this I worked in sales & marketing and finance.

Before I started a career in project management I played professional Rugby. Following this time I took up the sport of triathlon and have since completed four Ironman events across the world. I released a book about how I trained for the events.

I have taken many of the leadership and management skills from my time in sport and I have authored an eBook all about it.

Some of the other skills I have developed has been my discipline, attitude and work ethic. Plus I like a bit of fun and banter around the office.