Project management is all about being an advocate for teamwork

When you’re leading a project, your best chance for success lies in how well your team works together. And as the project manager, you can improve team performance by making three changes.

The second change that you can make to help promote teamwork is by asking different teams to periodically share results and create new, self-sufficient teams.

This is essential because teams should be cross-functional, and have every skill needed to complete a project. Because it’s about the ultimate product and not just the team members themselves, diversity in skills, thinking and experience will help achieve better results.

And finally, help your teams to work better by reducing the number of members in each team. For most teams, 7 members (+/- 2) are ideal.

Why does a small team make a difference? Well, increasing the number of people involved in a team creates more channels of communication, which the brain can’t really handle. When we have to work too hard to figure out what everyone else is doing, people slow down.

You can put these actions to immediate action and become an advocate for teamwork throughout your project and wider business.

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